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Being a introvert is like being Robert Downey Jr. in your head


and Castiel in real life


how did you manage to sum it up so easily

Does that mean the extroverts are the opposite?

"   My dad told me that I loved you more than I loved him and to be honest he’s right. You see the moment he said to me,
“Do I have to try and commit suicide to get your attention?” 
I knew that the relationship I’ve had since birth crumbled down to a state of stoney pebbles and there was no fixing it. 
I’ve never wanted to scream out I hate you as much as I did this afternoon. 
I swear the shadows of the tunnel he sped by could feel the heat reflecting off my heart.
Shadows are supposed to cool you down, but these ones couldn’t. 
How could I ameliorate the flame in between my lungs that was ignited by a phrase from a spiteful man with no love in his heart? 
There are cobwebs in between his ribs and a broken lock, I think it used to hold something, but it was stolen the moment he considered saying that. 
I don’t know where he went, but he’s not the man that raised me, I think he went South last winter and hasn’t came back yet, maybe he found comfort in a climate where his own family didn’t sleep, 
but how could the man that raised me be spiteful enough to say: 
“Do I have to try to commit suicide to get your attention?” 
because in that moment I realized 
the ones who love you will hurt you, but they won’t destroy you, 
the way my father destroyed me.   "

he used your attempted suicide in an argument and I cried


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  1. The boy who takes your virginity is only going to love you long enough for you to stay in his bed.
  2. Your first job is never the best job. But you’ll meet some of your best friends there.
  3. Sometimes things don’t go the way you expect them to at all.
  4. People are usually never who they say they are.
  5. If you love someone, you need to tell them. Nobody is good at the guessing game.
  6. If your best friends don’t like the boy you’re involving yourself with, chances are he’s bad news.
  7. If a boy starts an invitation with, “Are you home alone”/”I’ll be home alone”, say no. You are a human being, not a toy to be played with.
  8. If some boy invites you to “the backseat of his truck”, he’s a piece of shit. Tell him to fuck himself.
  9. “Sorry” doesn’t always fix what you messed up.
  10. Stop wasting time wishing you could take back what you already did.
  11. You are at fault sometimes.
  12. There’s going to be a boy that you let get away. Yes, you loved him. It’s for the best, though.
  13. Toxic people hardly ever start off toxic.
  14. It’s always nice to make new friends, but never forget who your real friends are.
  15. Never lose the friends that would answer their phone at 3am if you called
  16. Never lose sight of who you are because of a boy.
16 Things I Learned While Being 16 (via dizzyhemmings)